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Collection: PSA Full Collection

Public Statement Apparel is a BIPOC owned and operated business with an evolving line of branded apparel, custom apparel and exclusive collaboration pieces. Browse the full collection here.

All PSA merchandise is designed and produced in-house with passion and purpose. Sharing knowledge, spreading empowerment and encouraging progressive action towards eliminating systemic injustices against people of color everywhere by any means necessary is our mission. Our goal is to grow as a company while contributing towards community involvement, empowerment and improvement. We are currently working in collaboration with several artists and organizations to elevate their message and fundraising efforts along with our own via merchandise sales. This is not just a moment, it's a historical movement fueled by awareness and action. One of the many ways you can take action any day is to wear your statement and show your stance!

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Everything in the PSA Full Collection is completely customizable. DM us if you want to add a name, @, #hashtag, date, or even if you want a specific color scheme to match your kicks, we got you covered! If you want something specific, let us know and we will make it happen at a better price and turnaround than your local spot or any other site online!

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